COVID Update

Updated COVID-19 information has been posted for GCSSD protocols. Please click below to review. We look forward to the first day of school on Monday, August 2! (1/2 day for students)

Link to view updated COVID-19 information:

  • Masks will be recommended but not required. It will be the option of the parent.
  • We will update COVID-19 numbers weekly, usually on Friday.
  • Quarantine/Isolation protocol
    • We will continue to use seating charts in the classroom and cafeteria to help identify potential close contacts.
    • Notify the Department of Health ASAP of any positive case and what student/staff we have identified as meeting the criteria of a contact.
    • Positive cases will be sent home with instructions for isolation.
    • We will let the parents know if their child has been identified as a contact and that the Department of Health should be getting in touch with them. Parents will have the option to quarantine their child until they hear from the Department of Health.
  • We will let the DOH call the contacts and determine if they need to quarantine them.
  • Parents will need to contact us and inform us if the Department of Health determines if their child is a close contact.
  • We will also have the ability to perform Covid-19 tests in our building with parent permission.